The idea for Driftless Grown is long in the making but it took eight years of living in Minnesota’s Driftless region, and one year of faming solo while single parenting to recognize the need for it.

I am one of many in a growing trend of young entrepreneurs, who are leaving the city in search of meaningful work and a connection to the land. We are makers, producers, farmers, skilled-tradespeople and we all share a vision for our future: To create something sustainable and meaningful through our work and our stewardship of the land. Yet we are stuck operating within an agriculture system that doesn’t understand us. We are miles apart from each other, burning the candle at both ends, and struggling to connect with our community. We are islands of change adrift in a sea of conventional agriculture.

We are Driftless Grown – A New Generation of Agriculture.

This website is the first step towards building our Driftless Grown community. It’s time for our islands to converge and for us to begin developing innovative ways to support and market each others work. Let’s create a place where we can share our skills, our strengths, our struggles. A place where we can ask for help. Where we can troubleshoot and brainstorm and compile resources for others, because by building a strong, supportive community we lay the groundwork for our success.